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Dear Friend,

Welcome and thank you for visiting our site. We want to provide you with information on my candidacy and of the new U.S. Congressional District. We also encourage you to give us feedback on issues that are important to you and your families.

Texas continues to evolve with the changing economic markets and the challenges of increased population growth. In the past decade alone, Texas has grown substantially, warranting four new U.S. Congressional seats. One of the new seats is anchored in South Texas. The new Congressional district encompasses all of Cameron, Willacy, Kenedy, Kleberg, Jim Wells, Bee, Goliad and DeWitt counties with parts of Hidalgo, San Patricio and Gonzales counties. Our new District needs a representative that will advocate for our area's unique mixture of cultures, economies, geography and the needs that go with them. Such a person must be creative, excellent in negotiations, progressive while respectful of tradition and have the legendary Texas work ethic & commitment to excellence. buy soma no prescription. buy valium without prescription. buy xanax online.

I, Armando Villalobos, write to express my consideration to be your next Congressman. Born to a large family, my roots are in small business and in the military - the backbone of this great country of ours. I understand the challenges faced by small businesses; having seen my grandparents, aunts and uncles struggle to raise their families through tough economic times in the food, service, produce and automotive industries. I, myself, learned from my grandparents the jewelry trade that helped me pay my way though college.

We are also a military family. When I see my brother in full combat uniform for the US Army, I swell with pride. Simultaneously, I understand the fears and am reminded of the many sacrifices others have made in our history. I look back with gratitude at the traditional up bringing that my career military, Vietnam Veteran father instilled upon our family. I take pride in his service with the local police department, and am grateful for his influence on my own pursuits for justice. Now, as the Cameron County District Attorney for the past eight years, I hope to pass along these same values & heritage to my own family. I think of the joy they bring to my life with the adventures in elementary school, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and the many activities that dominate our life style and want nothing more than to ensure their future.

Lastly, I understand the complexity of the medical profession, shared by many friends in the industry and the outstanding achievements of my wife who recently graduated medical school and is preparing for the medical boards. Our District is one of great depth of character and immersed with talent.

We must prepare ourselves and our children for a better today and tomorrow without losing our heritage and the lessons taught by our elders. We must also rekindle that spark of ingenuity, hard work, and enduring attitude that is in all of us as Americans. We must protect our farms and ranches, which are a big part of our lives, geography and are critical to the overall health of America. We must support the tremendous economic growth that is fueled by the oil and gas industry while encouraging the research & development of alternative resources. We must also expand our search into high tech, industrial growth and new technologies. We must protect public education as it is the key for us to turn the corner on unemployment and low wage jobs that plague our area. More importantly, we cannot forget the children, who need valuable instruction and education in modern, well equipped schools with professional and well paid teachers and staff--without the constraints of impossible goals and bureaucratic roadblocks. We must also congratulate and highlight the achievements attained by our institutions of higher education as they lead us into new realms of research and development.

Most importantly, we must take care of our sick, our elderly and their hard earned pensions; for it is not our culture to neglect our downtrodden citizens who are desperate for assistance to survive. We must support our law enforcement divisions to ensure that the criminal element never takes control of our lives and places our families at risk. This may mean an increased level of scrutiny of overspending, fraud, and wasteful projects.

Lastly, we must continue to support our relationship with our neighbor to the South, Mexico, which continues to fight for its very survival against all that is evil in our world.

I look forward to healthy discussions with all of you that are interested, in the continued preservation of the American Dream, with the pursuit of life, liberty, and of happiness!

I hope you will join me in my support as I pursue my candidacy for U.S. Congress.


Armando Villalobos

The Armando Villalobos Campaign will begin a series of “Getting to know the Candidate”. The first part of the series is Law and Order. Stay tuned. Details coming.(Learn more about Armando